50 Raffle Basket Themes and Ideas

You can even get students involved by sending thank-you notes created by the children to employers who contributed a match. Restaurants like Chick-fil-A or Panda Express will work with you to set up an event where a percentage of the proceeds go to your school. Charge for each registration, then play trivia, Pictionary-style games or any other game that works virtually.
Barnes & Noble, the #1 bookseller in the United States, operates over 600 bookstores and has a strong online presence, averaging annual sales of more than 155 million books. Hundreds of grocery products qualify, including office supplies, plastic baggies, frozen foods and of course, cereal. Rebates range from 2% to 15% on purchases and are accredited directly to the school’s fundraising account. Schoola photographs and lists the clothing for sale on its website. Once it sells, the proceeds, 40% of the sale price, are accredited to the school’s account.
You can even customize the bottle for each class to make them more attractive to students. A huge component to staying healthy is drinking more water throughout a workout or throughout the day. You can hold this fundraiser as a standalone or tack it onto an event like a walk-a-thon. Set up tables in the library or lobby of your school for the most exposure.
Parent Teacher Organizations need high profit programs and we have a nice variety of them. Whether current or new, donors should be contacted more regularly and not only when donations are needed. By keeping in regular contact with your donors, you will be able to build a relationship with them, encouraging them to work with you and help you garner more funding. Read-a-thons reignite a passion for reading, and the spirit of competitiveness may even get unexpected students to enjoy reading more. Don’t forget to sell some warm drinks to the spectators to keep them warm and cozy.
Have staff or students act as a panel of judges and charge a registration fee for anyone who wants to take part in the competition. Plenty of families will have spare, empty bottles lying around. Urge them to put their trash to good use with a bottle donation drive.
To put their fundraising into overdrive, they decided to run a crowdfunding and peer-to-peer fundraiser during the lead up. At only a few cents for every dollar you raise, Fundly is one of the most affordable ways to raise money for your school, educational club, or PTA. Find a company that’ll let you customize your bottles and start selling!
And don’t forget about online fundraising – a hassle-free way to receive donations for your PTA. Donorbox is here to help – we have conversion-optimized tools and features to make your fundraiser a success. However, whatever their financial situation, most PTAs still need to fundraise to achieve their goals and objectives. Check out these PTA fundraising ideas in this blog to draw inspiration and creativity and ensure more funds for your organization. Each October, 4th grade students at Lakeville Elementary in Great Neck, N.Y., operate a pink lemonade stand in front of the school at recess time.
Ask student bands to provide the entertainment and have everyone bring their favorite cheese, fruit, or dip. Remind all those working parents that their match their donations thanks to the magic of matching gifts. It’s super low-effort for you (besides putting the word out), and it can turn hundreds of dollars into thousands of dollars. BTW, Funraise’s integration with Double the Donation makes it super easy to tap into a pool of up to $7B in unclaimed matching gift funds each year, if you’re interested.
Each of these winter fundraisers allow your students to sell wrapping paper during the holiday season. PTO’s love our wrapping paper fundraising program because their students can sell fundraising items that their customers will want to buy. In addition, your school PTO earns up to 50% profit on each and every sale. When your donors open the catalog they will see lots of ideas for gifts! Check out what fundraisers for school fundraising companies have to offer.